Pilot boat SE120

Conversion to fully MD97 methanol powered pilot boat

Conversion of pilot boat SE120 has been a part of FastWater project. In the video above, you can hear our managing director, Patrik Molander, talk about our companies ScandiNaos and Enmar Engines as well as our role within the project. 

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FASTWATER project:
Pilot Boat 120 SE conversion

We at Enmar Engines take great pride in being involved in this project! In a noteworthy development, the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) successfully launched an eco-friendly initiative by converting one of its pilot boats to run on methanol, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable maritime practices.

This 14.4-meter-long and 4.6-meter-wide vessel, named Pilot Boat 120 SE, is equipped with a single methanol-fueled engine that powers its operations.

The conversion features a fixed propeller and employs the Methanol-MD97 engine, developed by ScandiNAOS and delivered by Enmar Engines. This engine, boasting diesel-like performance, operates at an impressive 415 kW at 2,100 rpm.

Notably, the MD97 engine meets IMO Tier III requirements without the need for aftertreatments, and it is anticipated to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by an impressive 75%.

The collaboration with Lloyd’s Register ensures that both the pilot boat and the MD97 engine are designed for super-efficient low fuel consumption, aligning with the SMA’s forward-looking approach to environmentally responsible maritime operations.