MD97 Methanol engine

Cutting edge technology cutting emissions.

Enmar engines are methanol powered engines, 

for both marine and land industrial applications. 

Power up to 415 kW at 2100 RPM.

Efficiency up to 46%.


Methanol power Marine IMO Tier III and industrial EU Stage V

  • Power up to 415 kW at 2100 RPM
  • Available application for genset and propulsion 
  • Efficiency up to 46%
  • Methanol with 3% additive for lubrication and ignition improvement gives the fuel diesel like properties
  • Fulfill IMO Tier III and EU Stage V without SCR aftertreatment system
  • No Sulphur oxides and almost no PM 
  • NOx is reduced by 50-70% compared to diesel fueled equivalent
  • Well-proven compression ignited alcohol technology gives the same user experience as a traditional diesel engine
  • Maintenance is comparable to a normal diesel fueled engine
  • Available with marine type approval certificate

Methanol MD97 – Marine

Methanol MD97 – Industrial