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Swedish company producing methanol engines for marine and land based industrial applications, ranging from 100 to 415 kW, with Diesel-like efficiency

Our products

MD97 Methanol engine

Diesel-like performance powered by methanol.  

MD97 Mixing Unit

Blending methanol and additives on site

Retrofit - Dual fuel KIT

Upgrade your Diesel engine to methanol dual fuel 

Design & Services

Highly skilled naval architects, marine and mechanical engineers available to support your green transition

The first one in the world.

Sweden is now a proud owner of the first pilot boat in the world powered by methanol! Pilot boat has been converted within GreenPilot project where  ScandiNAOS acted as technical manager and Enmar Engines delivered the engine. The project was financed by the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Swedish Transport Administration and Methanol Institute.

It works - and we know how.

  • Operated on green methanol
  • Proven feasibility
  • Engine efficiency Diesel-like
  • Substantial emissions reductions 
  • 100% sulphur free
  • Reduction of particulate emissions by 99% 
  • NOx emissions fulfill IMO Tier III

About Enmar Engines

A decade of dedicated research and development within ScandiNAOS resulted in establishing a new company, Enmar engines. 

The core of our enterprise is production of methanol engines designed for both marine and land-based industrial applications, ranging from 100 to 415 kW, with up to 46% efficiency.

We are proud to be the forerunners of methanol utilization and our primary goal is to ensure the success of our customers, transforming the industry together.


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