Pilot Boat 729 SE

As part of Green Pilot project, swedish pilot boat 729 SE 

has been converted to run on methanol. 

Take a moment to watch the cover video showcased above to get an overview of the project.

Green Pilot project

The GreenPilot project aimed to showcase the potential emissions reductions and environmental advancements achievable through the conversion of a small vessel to operate on methanol fuel. As emissions regulations become more stringent and concerns regarding greenhouse gases and global warming escalate, prioritizing emission reductions spans vessels of all sizes. In Sweden, the government has articulated its commitment to transitioning all state-owned vessels to fossil-free operation, contemplating 2030 and 2045 as plausible deadlines. Methanol derived from renewable feedstock emerges as a viable solution for certain vessels.

By physically converting a Swedish pilot boat to run on methanol, the project substantiated the feasibility of methanol as a fuel alternative for small vessels. The endeavor encompassed the conversion and testing of three distinct engines to operate on methanol, with two successfully installed and operated on the converted pilot boat. Emission measurements revealed substantial reductions compared to conventional fuel oil. Notably, fossil-free methanol derived from pulp mill black liquor in a Swedish pilot plant was utilized in select laboratory and on-board tests. The project also delved into additional environmental impact reduction solutions for pilot boats, exploring the integration of solar cells, batteries, and fuel cells.

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