Enmar Engines delivers 4 methanol powered DI16 MD97 engines

Enmar Engines delivered four methanol-powered Dl16 MD97 engines this week! These engines, each providing 415 kW at 2100 RPM, represent a leap forward in performance but also mark a significant stride towards sustainability, meeting tough IMO Tier III emission requirements without the need for SCR aftertreatment.

What sets these engines apart is not just their impressive power output and Diesel-like efficiency but also their eco-friendly design. By utilizing methanol as a fuel source, Enmar Engines is pioneering a cleaner and more sustainable approach to marine propulsion, contributing to a greener maritime industry.

Moreover, these engines are delivered with approval from recognized classification society, proving their reliability and adherence to the highest industry standards.

Only a few weeks left before our next delivery is scheduled – stay tuned to find out what other than marine engines have we manufactured in our plant!  

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